vRYR celebrates a decade of operations.

This year, vRYR celebrates ten years of incredible operations. Over a decade ago, a small team of keen enthusiasts embarked on the creation of our virtual airline. It was this very decision that’s enabled us to celebrate this monumental milestone in 2023.

As we brainstorm ideas on how we can celebrate one decade of vRYR, we want you to get involved too. If you have any ideas on how we can celebrate 10 years of our community and operations, drop us a message in Discord or through our social channels.

Although our official 10th birthday isn’t until December, we will be celebrating this incredible milestone throughout the year; whether it be through giveaways and competitions, more delivery flights and group flights as well as the introduction of a revolutionary digital resources platform.

Lastly, we want to thank all of our incredible pilots, partners and of course vAMSYS, for their outstanding commitments to our virtual airline over the last ten years. Those who suggest virtual airlines are a dying breed could not be any more false. Your passion for aviation and dedication to our virtual airline are what has made vRYR the virtual airline it is today.

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By Jack

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