January was an exceptionally busy month for our virtual airline, spurred on by both the release of split-scimitar winglet liveries and the continued increase in activity thanks to PMDG’s package release on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We flew 1,320,692 passengers across Europe, 60% more than January 2022. Additionally, with the likes of January’s group flight and our Winter-long ‘Reach the Peaks’ event, we awarded 2,994,702 collective points, 47% more than January 2022. vRYR’s average landing rate for January stands at -244fpm.

January marked the start of our celebrations as vRYR reaches a decade of operations. Throughout February, pilots will be able to earn triple points on all flights flown each weekend. James, our Events Manager, is preparing group flights, delivery flights, real-ops events and more to help celebrate 10-years of incredible operations. Let us know in Discord if you have any ideas on how we can really celebrate this.

We also launched the first phase of a consolidated resources platform, the ‘Hub’, currently housed under vAMSYS. This combines all our resources and documentation available to pilots including liveries, SOPs and checklists, as well as configurations and community-developed scenery tables. Looking to the future and as we strive to innovate ourselves as a community and as a virtual airline, the hub will become an independent digital platform to coincide with the launch of completely re-written, re-styled SOPs for all aircraft in our fleet.

London Luton, Nantes, Seville and Tuzla are our Focus Airports live at the moment, running until the 15th February. This will then be replaced by a double points overload event where all flights in/out of the United Kingdom will be awarded double PIREP points. More news on that to come.

We have some exciting events to look forward to as we hit February. We are taking part in VATITA’s ‘Buongiorno Italy’ event, departing Tel Aviv heading to Napoli. 250 bonus points are on offer to pilots who fly this event on Saturday 4th February. We have our prestigious Delivery Flight next taking place on Sunday 5th February. Then why not join us for VATSIM UK’s City Link event with us and SW Virtual, taking pilots from London to Prague. Full ATC coverage is planned for the event and pilots will be awarded 250 bonus points for completing this event.

Screenshot by RYR4867

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