This topic has undoubtedly been on the minds of most of our pilots over the last couple of weeks. The exciting news that EI-DLY heading to Prestwick to receive the first split scimitar winglets has absolutely flooded our Discord server recently.

The staff team have spoken about how this rollout could be managed and due to the scale and length of the rollout, as well as the manual work that would be involved, we have decided to allow pilots to fly split scimitar winglet liveries on all aircraft – with obvious exceptions.

As of 27th January 2023, on the day EI-DLY resumed passenger operations, we welcomed pilots to start flying these liveries.

Liveries flaunting the split scimitars are already available across multiple flight simulation forums. Our team of Fleet Managers have begun their rollout of split-scimitar winglet liveries in our Discord server.

Screenshot by RYR25816

By Jack

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